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Angers, a city of heritage and culture

Angers is renowned for its rich architectural and decorative heritage. In fact, this town is full of beautiful buildings, each more beautiful than the last. One of the oldest and most imposing is the Castle of Angers estate, dating back to the 13th century. This castle, with its 17 schist towers, was designed to repel attackers. Today it offers a unique panoramic view of the city of Angers. The castle is home to the gigantic Tapestry of the Apocalypse, a medieval work of art measuring over 100 metres long and 4.5 metres high. It is a veritable heritage jewel, and is the largest surviving collection of medieval tapestries in the world.

Photo credits : Anjou Tourisme

Another of Angers’ historic monuments is the 13th-century Cathédrale Saint Maurice. It is listed as a French historic monument. This building is located at the top of the Saint Maurice staircase, and once you’ve reached the top you can admire the plunging view over the Maine.

Angers has an abundance of museums to help you discover the cultural riches of this magnificent city. Between the Angers Military Engineering Museum, where you can discover the varieties of the military body, the Natural Sciences Museum located in the town centre, the Contemporary Tapestry Museum and finally the Fine Arts Museum, featuring paintings and sculptures from the 14th century to the present day.

Angers is a very lively and festive city, with lots of events taking place. Just like every year, Tempo Rives will be bringing a musical flavour to your summer, with artists from all over the world helping you to discover all kinds of music.

Les Accroche-cœurs is the highlight of the autumn season, and the festival is one of France’s leading urban arts events. The festival features theatre, circus, dance, music, street art and more.

For almost 70 years now, the Festival d’Anjou has been bringing you the biggest theatre festival in the Loire, inviting you to visit some of the most beautiful monuments in the department.

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